The Kid: Chamaco

Press Quotes:

"Chamaco" (The Kid) is a boxing drama with an unusually high ring IQ. But its most memorable aspects are its candid, disturbing views of life on the streets of Mexico City, informed by a strong cast” 
Michael Ordoña, LA Times

 Martin Sheen connects with his own heritage in this Mexican-American co-production - and that trademarked twinkly fatherliness of his, served with a glare of high expectations, still works wonders….  Genuine coming-of-age film   …Michael Madsen has a welcome cameo as a fight manager”
Joe Neumaier, NY Daily News

 Chamaco a one, two punch of boxing, bilingualism…throws a few unexpected hooks with its cross-border character roster and its candid but non-sensational depiction of Mexico City’s rugged social realities”
Reed Johnson, LA Times

The Kid has an awkward earnestness that’s very endearing.  The young actors are pleasingly natural, and the fight scenes, filled with professional boxers, believably raw
… Guillermo Granillo’s photography is gleamingly earthy" 
Jeannette Catsoulis, NY Times

 "The film's cast — a mixture of Mexican and American pros in the lead roles and some amateur and pro boxers as well — hold a viewer's interest
--the film belong(s) to Alex Perea, who invests his two-fisted
hustler with a genuine sweetness”
Maureen M. Hart, Chicago Tribune
The Kid: Chamaco is a ‘crossover’ film in every sense. 
In a time when our borders seem more defined than ever, the touching Chamaco reminds us that the human experience does not stop at a line on the map”
Allison Gang, San Diego Union Tribune
“Paints a gritty picture of aggressive perseverance, emotional ache and deliverance…Braided together powerfully in a story of inspiration submerged in a setting of brutal reality”
Amy Shellenbaum, DailyBreeze

“Weekend Pick” – DCist, Washington DC

“Best Bet” – The Desert Sun

“Best Bet” – Austin Chronicle

“Harris, who co-wrote and co-produced the film, is a magnetic presence onscreen.  Sheen  gives a rich performance, much of it delivered in Spanish… With its big heart and special fusion of influences, Chamaco will earn its place in this exciting and growing national cinema”
– Cinema Pacific

 “A passionate film” – Austin American Statesman

Chamaco (The Kid) is a hard hitting and bold film, also developing well as a story of men in crisis, with both boxing and faith as backdrops”
– Dan Bennett, North County Times (San Diego)
“El director define la película como una
historia de esperanza, de inmigrantes a la inversa”
(The director sets the film as a story of hope,
of immigrants in reverse)
Gisela Orozco – Vivelohoy

“The kid’s got fancy footwork”
By Hank Sartin – TimeOut Chicago



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Martin Sheen for Best Supporting Actor for the Latino Imagen Awards